TAPP Water faucet water filter - Protect your family's health

in Feb 18, 2024

Did you know that the tap water in your home may contain worrying contaminants? Chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and microplastics... appear more often when the living environment and water environment around us are increasingly polluted.

To protect your family's health, using a water filter at the TAPP Water faucet is a smart and effective solution. With advanced filtration technology, this product helps remove more than 70 types of contaminants from water, providing clean and safe drinking water for every member of the family.

Why do we need a TAPP Water faucet water filter?

Regular tap water contains substances such as chlorine, lead, ammonium and other harmful bacteria and viruses. Long-term exposure to these substances can cause serious health problems such as cancer, endocrine and nervous system disorders. In particular, children and the elderly are those who may be more severely affected.

TAPP Water faucet water filter is a simply designed device that is easily installed directly into the faucet, helping to save time and effort. With advanced and modern multi-stage filtration technologies based on Swedish technology, this product effectively removes pollutants and microplastics, helping to protect the health of family members every time they use water. You will no longer worry about buying bottled water or installing a costly and complicated water filtration system.

Advantages of the water filter at the TAPP Water faucet

Instead of using disposable bottled drinking water, you can reuse the TAPP Water filter for a long time by replacing the device's filter core every 3 - 6 months. This helps reduce plastic waste and keeps the environment greener and cleaner.

Besides, using TAPP Water faucet water filter also helps you save costs. Compared to buying bottled water every day or installing a complicated water filtration system, the TAPP Water faucet water filter is an economical and effective solution. You only need to invest once and can use this product for a long time without worrying much about other costs.

Protecting the health of family members is an important job and should not be taken lightly. TAPP Water faucet water filter will be your trusted companion in bringing the best water quality to everyone.

With TAPP Water, you can absolutely use drinking water directly at the tap after filtering and enjoy clean water that is safe for your skin!

Learn more and order genuine TAPP Water products here.

In Vietnam, TAPP Water is distributing 2 main product lines: TAPP Ultra Faucet Filter and TAPP ShowerPro Filter.

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