TAPP Water: Faucet water filter that removes microplastics and other heavy metal contaminants

in Feb 18, 2024

Water is a precious and indispensable resource in our daily lives. However, the tap water in your home can contain dangerous contaminants like microplastics and heavy metals. To ensure clean and safe water for the family, the water filter at the TAPP Water faucet is the perfect solution.

Harmful effects of microplastics and heavy metal contaminants



Microplastics are very small pieces of plastic, less than 5mm in diameter, found in the environment (rivers, oceans, soil,...). They can exist in water sources and food sources in the environment.

Microplastics are formed from the decomposition of large pieces of plastic in the environment, found in tap water, wastewater and food, etc. These very small particles can enter the human body through the digestive tract, skin contact,... causes many harmful effects to health, including:

  • Causes digestive disorders
  • Causes damage to the immune system
  • Carcinogenic

Heavy metal contaminants are also a type of dangerous pollutant that can cause many diseases in humans, including:

  • Cancer
  • Nervous system impairment
  • Endocrine disorders


To solve this problem, the TAPP Water faucet water filter is an effective solution, helping to remove 99.9% of microplastics and other heavy metal contaminants in tap water. With a compact design, easy to install and use, TAPP Water water filter will be a product that brings you and your family members clean, pure, safe and healthy water for everyone, especially the elderly and children.


TAPP Water's advanced filtration technology

1. TAPP Ultra Faucet Filter faucet water filter

TAPP Ultra Faucet Filter is a water filter product that attaches directly to the faucet from TAPP Water, capable of removing 99.9% of microplastics and other heavy metal contaminants in tap water.

The device uses advanced 5-stage filtration technology from Sweden, including 5 filter stages: Filter mesh - Organic granular activated carbon - Soaked silver particles - Ultrafiltration hollow fiber - PP cotton.

Polypropylene filter mesh

Wraps around the inner Carbon block. This is where large microorganisms, sediment, rust, scale and other impurities are retained

Organic granular activated carbon

The most important filter layer, responsible for filtering and removing organic chemicals, reducing agents (such as chlorine, VOCs, THMs, HAAs...), pesticides, herbicides, PFAs and more than 80 contaminants other

Soaked silver seeds

The third layer contains immersed silver particles larger than 1 - 2 microns in size, which have the function of blocking microplastics. This layer also prevents bacteria and rust from building up in pipes and filters

Ultrafiltration hollow fiber

Minerals will break down in structure when passing through this layer so that no lime residue is formed. The remaining heavy metals are also filtered again

PP cotton

The water will be filtered one last time to ensure all hair, sand, dirt and other substances commonly found in household water pipes are removed.


2. TAPP ShowerPro Filter shower water filter

In addition to the TAPP Ultra Faucet Filter, which can remove microplastic particles, TAPP Water also brings to the Vietnamese market the TAPP ShowerPro Filter, which helps remove 95% of chlorine under high pressure, reduces limescale, mold and filters more than 30 other contaminants.

TAPP ShowerPro Filter uses advanced 4-stage filtration technology, including: Calcium - Sulfite - KDF-55 - Mineral particles (quartz crystals) - Calcification inhibitor.




Calcium sulfite

Helps remove residual chlorine and clarify water, ensuring filtered water is safe for all skin, including sensitive skin


KDF-55 is used to remove alum, iron, manganese and other impurities in water. This type of material is difficult to dissolve in iron reactions, has a longer lifespan and is safe for users

Mineral granules

Mineral particles have the effect of increasing alkalinity, increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in water, creating mineral ions to help keep water clean, safe and good for health.

Calcification inhibitor

Helps limit calcification and scum that causes water blockage and weak water flow. Providing users with clean and strong water

TAPP Water is a special faucet water filter product capable of removing microplastics and other heavy metal contaminants from tap water.

TAPP Water not only brings clean and safe water to your family, but also helps protect the health of all members. Applying leading advanced technology from Sweden and trusted in more than 30 countries around the world, TAPP Water faucet water filter is a reliable choice for households to ensure quality water source every day.

Get more information and buy genuine TAPP Water products here.

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