What is TAPP Water? Can I drink water directly from the tap in Vietnam?

in Feb 4, 2024

Nowadays, environmental pollution is becoming increasingly serious and painful; therefore, access to clean and safe water is one of the most important issues and is of great concern. In Vietnam, people have started using water purifiers or devices to help improve water quality, helping to ensure safety and peace of mind for their health.

So, is it possible to drink water directly from the tap when using a water filtration system? In this article, we will introduce TAPP Water - a reliable water filtration solution to answer this question.

What is TAPP Water?

TAPP Water is a company specializing in water treatment technology, focusing on providing clean and safe solutions for drinking water directly from the tap and bath water from the shower. The company is headquartered in Sweden, London (UK) and Barcelona (Spain).

TAPP Water's mission is to bring cleaner water to users, thereby improving the quality of life, reducing energy consumption for boiling water to cool and reducing the number of plastic bottles used to store water. TAPP Water products are designed based on advanced water filtration technology, helping to remove more than 70 types of residue, bacteria and harmful organic compounds from water.

TAPP Water is currently present in more than 30 countries around the world including Vietnam. In Vietnam, TAPP Water is currently distributing two main product lines: TAPP Ultra Faucet Filter and TAPP ProShower Filter.

Can I drink water directly from the tap in Vietnam?

In many cases, drinking water directly from the tap in Vietnam can cause many health problems due to many different reasons such as environmental pollution, old water supply pipeline systems in urban areas, and degraded... therefore, safety is not guaranteed.

However, with the support of the TAPP Ultra Faucet Filter from TAPP Water, users can be more assured about the quality of drinking water. TAPP Ultra Faucet Filter's advanced 5-stage filtration system uses advanced technologies such as organic granular activated carbon; Soaked silver seeds; Ultra-filtration hollow fiber and PP Cotton to remove harmful substances, giving you fresh and safe drinking water.



Advanced 5-stage filtration technology of the TAPP Ultra Faucet Filter faucet water filter from TAPP Water.

Polypropylene filter mesh

Wraps around the inner Carbon block. This is where large microorganisms, sediment, rust, scale and other impurities are retained

Organic granular activated carbon

The most important filter layer, responsible for filtering and removing organic chemicals, reducing agents (such as chlorine, VOCs, THMs, HAAs...), pesticides, herbicides, PFAs and more than 80 contaminants other

Soaked silver seeds

The third layer contains immersed silver particles larger than 1 - 2 microns in size, which have the function of blocking microplastics. This layer also prevents bacteria and rust from building up in pipes and filters

Ultrafiltration hollow fiber

Minerals will break down in structure when passing through this layer so that no lime residue is formed. The remaining heavy metals are also filtered again

PP cotton

The water will be filtered one last time to ensure all hair, sand, dirt and other substances commonly found in household water pipes are removed.


TAPP Water is a reliable solution for drinking water directly from the tap in Vietnam, increasing the quality of drinks such as coffee, tea, milk, or cooked food because the water source is filtered cleaner. With advanced and effective technology, TAPP Water brings peace of mind to users about drinking water quality.

Invest in the health of you and your family by choosing TAPP Water as your trusted partner in providing clean and safe water.

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