TAPP Water's mission

Get rid of bottled water, for you and for our planet

TAPP Water constantly strives to create products that improve water quality for Asian families at the most affordable prices. Why buy bottled water when you can get it right at the tap?

Who is TAPP Water?

TAPP Water was founded in Barcelona by people the who realised the danger of plastic pollution from the huge amount of water bottles that are released every day. They are Alexander Schwarz (German), Magnus Jern (Swedish), Rocio Alcocer (Spanish) and Jeff Cardelli (Luxembourg).

Our head office is located in London, UK. We also have headquarters in Barcelona, Spain and distributors in more than 30 countries on all continents. TAPP Water products are now available in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia!

TAPP Water and the journey of sustainable development

With our current products, we are proud to have been able to improve the quality of tap water for many households around the world. Families don't have to spend millions monthly buying bottled water or carrying large water bottles home. With TAPP Water faucet filters, you can drink tasty and clean water from the tap. More than just that, together we will create more positive changes for the planet.

Your one small action can make big changes

Ever since the launch of our first product, TAPP Water has changed the water usage habits of millions of people. As of July 2021, our efforts have been recorded with impressive accomplishments:
- Replaced 57,821,744 plastic bottles, equivalent to 1,907,000 kg.
- Saved more than 163,465,232 litres of clean water by reducing the production of plastic bottles.
- Prevented 12,955,000 kg of CO2 emissions into the environment.

Sustainable water has never been so easy

Our motto is to create the simplest, most convenient and effective solutions for clean water for all households. With just a few minutes of installation and no other support equipment needed, you can use any of our products. In addition, the inner filter cartridge lasts from 4 to 6 months. Imagine if you use bottled water during that time, the amount of empty plastic bottles being released into the environment is definitely huge.

Start changing your family's habits and improving the quality of your everyday use water with TAPP Water today!