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A faucet-mounted water filter that gives you clean, delicious water instantly. With a simple filter installation, you can enjoy pure, fresh water anytime, anywhere in your home.

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Ultra-advanced filtration technology

Ultra-advanced 4 and 5-stage filtration technology, helping to remove 99.9% of bacteria and impurities in your water source.

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Capable of filtering more than 70 contaminants including:

Bacteria - 01

Viruses - 02

Microplastics - 03

Heavy metals - 04

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High quality faucet water filters with Swedish technology, helping to remove types of residue, bacteria and harmful organic compounds from water.


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1% of our profit will be donated to a local organization that aims at providing safe drinking water to underprevileged children in rural areas in Vietnam
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General questions

In Vietnam, tap water does not meet quality standards to be able to drink directly. Water contaminated with disease-causing organisms is a major source of illness and can expose travelers to diarrhea, gastroenteritis, typhoid, cholera, dysentery, and hepatitis A. Additionally, in some provinces, The content of chlorine and heavy metals is still very high, exceeding the allowable level, making the water quality unsafe for use.

TAPP Ultra's filter core has been proven to effectively reduce limescale concentrations. How? There are basically two methods: a) remove calcium and magnesium ions from water so that calcium and magnesium salts cannot form; b) prevents calcium and magnesium ions from forming calcium and magnesium salts.

Method A: Use a water softener such as an ion exchange resin, which exchanges calcium ions for sodium ions. This is the reason why water tastes salty after filtering. Water softeners will separate calcium and magnesium ions from the water.

Method B: The method TAPP Water uses - Our proprietary lime scale inhibitor forms a complex with inorganic contaminants and prevents them from forming hard deposits, staining, etc. The positive thing is that Calcium and Magnesium are not reduced and the water does not taste salty. On the negative side, you will still see some white particles/foam left in the water from the calcium and magnesium ions that form.

Each filter is capable of filtering with a capacity equivalent to 2000 - 3000 liters of water (depending on initial water quality), equivalent to 4-6 months of average household water use. We advise consumers to replace the filter core after a maximum of 6 months even if it has not filtered up to 3000 liters. This is because the content in the core will become saturated with contaminants over time and there is a risk of bacterial buildup after 4-6 months. This phenomenon occurs with all activated carbon filters.

All TAPP Water Vietnam products are tested and certified by the Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Public Health. Test results can be found here.