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TAPP Ultra Refill

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The Swedish technology TAPP Ultra Refill core has been tested and certified for the quality of filtered tap water in Vietnam. Filter core life is up to 6 months and compatible with TAPP Ultra faucet water filter - the only device that removes more than 99.9% of bacteria and impurities at the molecular level using ultra-filtration, micro-filtration, and adsorption.


Note: Replace the filter core periodically every 4-6 months from the time the device comes into contact with tap water to prevent the growth of bacteria that accumulate inside the activated carbon block.

    • Drink quality and tasty water directly from the tap with our TAPP Ultra faucet water filter.
    • Save money when putting an end to using plastic bottles and reducing plastic waste.
    • Advanced 5-stage filtration technology: Strainer mesh - Organic Granular Activated Carbon - Silver Impregnated - Ultrafiltration - PP.
    • Filtration speed: 2 liters/minute.
    • Each refill cartridge lasts up to 6 months (2000 - 3000 liters).
    • Filters 70+ contaminants including bacteria, viruses, microplastics, heavy metals, nitrates, and more.
    • Easy to remove and replace the new cartridge in the TAPP Ultra faucet water filter.
    • Free support from the TAPP Water team on how to change the TAPP Ultra Refill cartridge.
    • Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 8.5 cm
    • Weight: 161 g
    • Technology: Sweden
    • Includes: 1 filter core per box
    • Warranty: 1 month from date of purchase
    The faqs

    Related questions

    The water filter at the TAPP Ultra faucet is capable of filtering 2000 - 3000 liters of water with a lifespan of up to 6 months depending on the contamination level of tap water where you live. We recommend replacing the filter core every 3 months from use to ensure filtered water quality is maintained.

    There is no need to remove the TAPP Water filter head from the faucet even if you do not want to filter it. All you need to do is flip the small lever to put the filter faucet into non-filter mode.

    TAPP Ultra filter core is made entirely of non-toxic materials after decomposition. The filter cartridges contain a high percentage of biodegradable and compostable material and can be disposed of with organic waste. Therefore, we recommend that you sort and treat TAPP Ultra Refill and TAPP ShowerPro Refill cartridges together with your household organic waste. If the area where you live does not classify waste, you can still throw away used TAPP Water products with normal household waste.

    Currently, we recommend that you only use TAPP Ultra to filter cold water or water at room temperature (25 - 27 degrees Celsius). The materials in the filter cartridge are not designed to withstand high temperatures and may melt. If you need to use hot water, you should turn the lever and use unfiltered water.

    TAPP Water's filters are made from sustainable, long-lasting, recyclable materials that do not contain BPA and Phthalates. The components of the filter core are very environmentally friendly and biodegradable. In particular, in the filter core, we use coconut shell (also known as coconut shell) instead of stainless steel. This still ensures filtration quality but creates a product with a price more suitable for many Vietnamese families. Because our desire is that everyone can have access to clean water in a sustainable way.

    With 5 advanced filtration layers: Filter mesh - Organic granular activated carbon - Soaked silver particles - Ultrafiltration hollow fiber - PP cotton, the TAPP Ultra faucet water filter is capable of filtering more than 100 contaminants including bacteria. bacteria, viruses, microplastics, heavy metals, nitrates,... In addition, sand, rust and limescale, sediment and other substances with a diameter of > 10 μm (microns) will all be removed.

    You absolutely CAN drink water right after it is filtered. TAPP Ultra faucet water filter has been tested and certified for tap water quality through filtered faucets in Vietnam. This is the only water ultrafiltration device that removes more than 99.9% of bacteria and impurities at the molecular level using ultrafiltration, microfiltration and adsorption technology.

    TAPP Water's filter head is suitable for more than 95% of current faucet types with a diameter of 16-24mm. Each box includes a basic adapter thread set and we will send additional threads free of charge. However, there are 4 types of faucets that are not compatible with TAPP Water:

    1. Oval thread

    2. Spray style or pull-out faucet

    3. Bosjon/Tamnaren faucet

    4. Faucet with sensor