TAPP Water faucet water filter: The perfect solution for clean water at home

in Feb 11, 2024


Nowadays, using clean and safe water sources has become one of the top priorities of every family, especially when the situation of environmental pollution in Vietnam is increasingly serious, with many microplastics and other contaminants. With the goal of bringing cleaner water to urban residents, TAPP Water faucet water filters have become a perfect solution, bringing great benefits to the health and food safety of every member of every Vietnamese family.

1. Advanced technology ensures clean and safe water

TAPP Water faucet water filter uses advanced water filtration technology, combining ingredients such as organic granular activated carbon and ultrafiltration hollow fibers. Thanks to that, more than 70 types of tiny contaminants, bacteria, viruses, microplastics and harmful organic compounds will be completely removed from the water source. This ensures that anytime, anywhere, your family can access fresh and safe drinking water.



5-stage filtration technology of TAPP Ultra Faucet Filter faucet water filter from TAPP Water.


2. Simple and easy to install

TAPP Water water filter does not require complicated intervention in the home water supply system. Installation is simple, quick, suitable for most types of faucets on the market and does not significantly affect the structure of the faucet. You can easily do it yourself or request support from technicians from TAPP Water.

3. Save costs and protect the environment

Using the water filter at the TAPP Water faucet not only brings health benefits but also saves money for our families and protects the living environment around us. Instead of using bottled water that consumes production materials, transportation and purchasing costs, you can take advantage of available tap water and use it through a filter right at your faucet



TAPP Water faucet water filter is the perfect solution for clean water at home. With advanced technology and significant benefits, the product not only protects health but also contributes to environmental protection. Invest in clean and healthy water for your family by choosing TAPP Water faucet water filters as your reliable partner.

In Vietnam, TAPP Water is distributing two main product lines:  Đầu lọc nước tại vòi TAPP Ultra Faucet Filter and Đầu lọc nước tại vòi sen TAPP ShowerPro Filter.

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