TAPP Water: High quality faucet water filter product using Swedish technology

in Feb 18, 2024

Faucet water filters are gradually becoming a popular solution for providing clean and safe water in homes in Vietnam today. Among the prominent brands on the market, TAPP Water has emerged as a trustworthy name with high quality products, applying advanced technology from Sweden.

1. Advanced technology from Sweden

TAPP Water is a company specializing in quality water filtration products, focusing on providing clean and safe solutions for drinking water directly from the tap and bath water from the shower. The company is headquartered in Sweden, London (UK) and Barcelona (Spain).

TAPP Water products are designed based on advanced water filtration technology, helping to remove more than 70 types of tiny contaminants, bacteria and harmful organic compounds from water.

TAPP Water is constantly researching and developing its advanced water filtration solutions with a focus on using advanced technology from Sweden. This includes the application of advanced multi-stage filtration technologies, which help remove more than 70 types of tiny contaminants, bacteria, viruses, microplastics and harmful organic compounds from water sources.


2. Save and protect the environment

TAPP Water's faucet water filter products not only help families save money on buying bottled water, but also reduce the amount of plastic bottles that are being discharged daily and are becoming more and more serious in the world. This contributes to environmental protection, reducing plastic emissions into nature.


3. Easy to install and use

Installing the TAPP Water water filter at the faucet is very simple and does not require complicated intervention in the home water supply system. You can do it yourself or request support from TAPP Water's technicians.


4. Commitment to health and safety

TAPP Water is always committed to ensuring fresh and safe drinking water for all family members. With high quality products and advanced filtration technology, TAPP Water will become a reliable companion in providing clean water for your family.

The product has been certified and meets strict standards from reputable organizations around the world regarding filtered water quality. In Vietnam, TAPP Water meets standards from testing results of the Institute of Public Health, under the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health.

With a high-quality faucet water filter brand based on Swedish technology, TAPP Water is not only reliable but also brings great benefits to the health of every family member and the living environment around you. Invest in clean water for your family by choosing us.

TAPP Water is currently distributing 2 official product lines in Vietnam, including: TAPP Ultra Faucet Filter and TAPP ShowerPro Filter.

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