Why is TAPP WATER faucet water filter the top choice?

in Mar 7, 2023


TAPP WATER Company is a company specializing in providing faucet water filtration solutions for consumers with brands originating in Europe with high quality. TAPP WATER products are designed with the purpose of helping users have clean and safe water for their health. In addition, TAPP WATER is committed to providing customers with convenience and ease of use, while minimizing environmental impact by reducing consumer plastic waste.


With the products we have launched, we are proud to have improved the quality of tap water for many households around the world such as Malta, Spain, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India,... and Of course Vietnam. Families do not need to spend millions every month to buy bottled water or carry large water bottles home. With TAPP WATER, the taste and cleanliness of tap water can satisfy you. Moreover, together we will create more positive changes for the planet.

A small action can create big changes

Since appearing on the market, TAPP WATER has changed the water usage habits of millions of people. As of July 2021, our efforts have been recognized by extremely impressive numbers:

  • Replace 57,821,744 plastic bottles equivalent to 1,907,000 kg.
  • Save more than 163,465,232 liters of clean water thanks to reducing plastic bottle production.
  • Preventing 12,955,000 kg of CO2 gas from being released into the environment.

Using water sustainably has never been easier

TAPP WATER's motto is to create the simplest, most convenient and effective clean water solutions for all households. With just a few minutes of installation and no other supporting equipment needed, you can use any of our products. In addition, the time it takes to replace the core of water purifiers lasts from 4 to 6 months. Imagine if you used bottled water during that time, the amount of plastic bottles released into the environment would certainly be a large number.

The benefit

TAPP WATER Company offers a wide range of faucet water filtration products, meeting different consumer needs.

The benefits of TAPP WATER's individual products include:

Make sure your drinking water is clean

TAPP WATER's water filtration products help remove impurities such as chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, and other organic compounds, ensuring clean and safe drinking water.

The clean water helps you take care of your skin and hair, making it healthy and beautiful.

Cost savings

Using TAPP WATER's water filtration products will help save costs compared to buying bottled water or using large, bulky water filtration systems.

Dễ sử dụng và tiện lợi 

With TAPP WATER's faucet water filtration products, users can conveniently and easily use it without having to cut off water pipes or repair the water supply system in the house.

Reduce plastic waste

Using TAPP WATER water filtration products helps reduce the amount of plastic waste from closed water bottles, contributing to environmental protection and minimizing impacts on nature.

Discount program

On the occasion of International Women's Day March 8, TAPP WATER organizes a 20% discount program for all products from March 3 to March 25 on e-commerce platforms.


👉Refer to the water filter products at the faucet: https://tappwater.asia/vi-vn/products/dau-loc-nuoc-tai-voi-tapp-ultra-faucet-water-filter

👉Refer to the water filter products at the shower: https://tappwater.asia/vi-vn/products/dau-loc-nuoc-tai-voi-sen-tapp-proshower-water-filter

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